playing Otogi - Emaki with English HUD

I tried to play Otogi - Emaki with English HUD, and got prizes! Yay! English descriptions not always provided, but the game is still enjoyable I think. You need to stroll around both Milky House sim and Mikly House02 sim.

It seems that the Fairy tale quiz doesn't have English option, or it does and I couldn't find, I don't know. But it doesn't count up your failure to end up the game, and pressing B might be the fastest as far as I saw.

Momotaro quest has 100% of English descriptions. Only point I stuck was the slot machine shed. If the machines don't respond, go out of the shed and enter again. I'm not good at RPG and honestly, I haven't cleared that game, but it's not necessary. I'm also devastating with aircrafts and there's no hope of landing the palace, but it's ok too.

When you touch the signboard of each quest, your quest icon will be turned on. You can check them by pressing "QUEST & STORY" icon on the HUD. If there's no "OFF" icon (fan icon) left, then you can use your coupons. With completing each game, you'll get more coupons.  

Ok, I hope I didn't write too far, enjoy!

Otogi - Emaki Starting point