Catwaヘッド用アプライヤー/Maitreyaボディ用アプライヤー 販売開始しました

4月にSLに復帰した際、メッシュヘッド/メッシュボディの普及に衝撃を受け、最早これまでか!と思ったものの何とか気持ちを立て直し、奮闘すること4ヶ月。ようやくリリースにこぎつけました。Catwaヘッド用アプライヤーと、Maitreya Lara用アプライヤーの2点です。(商品もそうだけど、HUDデザインとか箱詰めにも時間かかりました。。。)







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Catwa head applier / Maitreya body applier Now available

When I came back to SL in April, I was astonished how mesh heads / bodys have become popular. Now I release my first ever appliers for Catwa head and Maitreya Lara, after four months of struggle.

I don’t usually enable “shader” and don’t see makeup layers properly, so, I want my head applier to be fully functional without using layers. Therefore, I put one total makeup on one HUD just like my system skins. Er, I’m sorry for my poor English, but I don’t even know how to make this clear in my mother tongue.

I researched on other brand’s heads and bodies to some extent, but my understanding on the other mesh systems is not enough and I’m not technically capable to cover them. I’m not capable now and I’m not sure if I will be.

I put only demos in my shop. LM to the merchandise is in a notecard in the demo package, with descriptions and warnings. I may be worrying too much, but I want all customers to read the notecard. In addition, if someone who doesn’t own a mesh head mistakenly buy an applier, that would be a trouble.

If you’re interested, please come and try demo!


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