girly shirts and more

Here are new products, 2 kinds of tops and a set of eyes.

RM* Girly dot shirt - dot shirt with white collar and puffed sleeves, leave out or tuck in options. 5 colors, 70L$ each.

RM* Cat tee - raglan sleeve tees with cat silhouette pattern, leave out or tuck in options. 5 colors, 40L$ each.

RM* Deep Eyes - 5 colors of clear and deep eyes. 120L$ for 5 colors x 2 iris sizes set.

These new products are available at the main store.
ROSY MOOD main store

I'm really surprised that literally thousands of people have come here on the way of the bunny hop hunt. Please pick the egg up if you haven't.

Lastly, let me mention about the flea market I'm participating. There are some freebies, and an exclusive free hair from ROSY MOOD. It'll end on 11th in Japan time, may be earlier than yours.

flea market place